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Conflict Free Diamonds

In short, “conflict-free” diamonds are diamonds that have been certified by the Kimberley Process because they aren't connected to a rebel or terrorist. Conflict diamonds are those mined through the use of inhumane labor practices and serve the purpose to fund warfare. Also called blood diamonds, a conflict. We have adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards Conflict or Blood Diamonds, which have been used to fund devastating conflicts in various regions. We believe in. If you place an order for loose natural diamonds or a piece of jewelry set with natural diamonds, we guarantee every diamond will be natural and conflict-free. CONFLICT FREE DIAMONDS H.L. Gross & Bro. Jewelers is committed to honesty in all aspects of our business, including the procurement of our diamonds, gemstones.

Learn everything you need to know about conflict free diamonds conflict diamonds or blood diamonds, ethical diamonds and the Kimberley process. We only work with Conflict Free diamonds. Everything we do has an effect on the planet. Christopher Duquet has and will continue to seek out the most. Ethical diamonds are conflict-free diamonds. They are confirmed, via The Kimberly Process, to be transparently mined and do not support wars or uncivil. Environmental Degradation: In addition to the human toll, conflict diamond mining has severe environmental consequences. The pursuit of diamonds in conflict. At Brilliance we only sell conflict-free loose diamonds that have been ethically sourced and manufactured. Saying "the only way" to get a conflict free diamond is to go with lab is just not true. Every diamond sold by James Allen is certified conflict-free and in compliance with the Kimberly Process. At MoissaniteCo, we offer many engagement rings with both Moissanite and diamond side stones. Every diamond we sell is guaranteed to be % conflict-free. In addition to only selling Conflict Free diamonds, Shapiro Diamonds is proud supporter of Diamonds Do Good, Diamond Empowerment Fund and Jewelers for Children. Conflict diamonds are rough diamonds illegally traded by rebels to fund armed conflicts with legitimate governments. Though most of the conflicts that. We're exclusively committed to conflict-free diamonds. Explore our options - from traceable Canadian diamonds to sustainable recycled diamonds and artisanal.

Conflict free diamonds are diamonds that have been sourced ethically and responsibly, without contributing to human rights abuses, civil wars, and other. De Beers is committed to ethically sourced and conflict free diamonds. All of our jewellery comes with a certificate of authenticity for your own peace of. More information about our Conflict Free Diamonds here at the Jewelry Exchange. Where are diamonds our purchased for a great price. Conflict free diamonds are those whose main purpose is to finance an insurgency, invading army's war efforts or other brutal activity. At first, diamonds were. HOW CONFLICT-FREE DIAMONDS ARE CERTIFIED. In the United States, there are two major methods of sourcing ethical diamonds. The first is through KPCS diamonds. Conflict free diamonds. VANBRUUN is a guarantee for only conflict-free, ethically sourced diamonds. By only dealing with diamonds from the two leading diamond. We have adopted a zero tolerance policy towards Conflict free or Blood Diamonds—which are rough diamonds used by rebel movements to finance wars against. You will find Padis Jewelry not only offers the largest collection of certified diamonds in the San Francisco area but we also have a huge inventory of. CONFLICT FREE DIAMONDS AND THE KIMBERLEY PROCESS At Kitsinian Jewelers, we are proud to say our diamonds originate from a conflict free source.

What is the Conflict Free Diamond Guarantee? Conflict free diamonds are guaranteed to originate from ethical and environmentally responsible sources. Conflict. This process requires that its member countries certify their diamonds as conflict free, and requires certification throughout each step in the supply chain. We are proud to state that all Kwiat diamonds are natural, conflict-free, and ethically sourced. When you choose an engagement ring from Kwiat. The high standard of being conflict-free means that the labor exerted in diamond mining is ethical, that diamonds are grown responsibly, and that they're able. Jewelers branding themselves as “ethical” reinforce the Kimberley Process by using the term “conflict free diamonds.” Yet at the same time, they denounce the.

We believe you should know the origins of any gemstone or natural diamond you purchased. We share this concern and we make sure that every one of the.

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